Parent Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse: Workshop

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Following on from our previous successful workshops, and due to popular demand, I’m running another workshop for Parent Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.

You can read more about Hazel here.

Hazel Facilitating a Workshop on Zoom.

‘I said things in this group that I’d never said before to anyone – not my therapist, not my wife, no-one. There was no judgement. I was talking to people who understood.’

‘My dark humour got me through years of abuse but I feel like I need to censor it most of the time. Except in this group – here everyone ‘gets’ me. It’s such a relief.’

I absolutely love facilitating these workshops – it’s a huge honour to be part of people’s healing journeys. As parents, let’s work through the impact of trauma from child sexual abuse together.

If you’re interested in joining us, the details are: 

Dates:                August: 02, 09, 16, 23, 30
                           September: 06, 13, 20, 27
                           October: 04, 11, 18, 25
                           November: 01

Time: 20.00h – 22.00h (Irish Time)
Place: Via Zoom 
Fee: €210

Further Details: / @hazelklarkin

Brief Overview of Weeks One to Fourteen

Session 1: Introductions – to each other and to the group. Breaking the cycle
Session 2: The Impact of Trauma
Session 3: Safety and Self-Care – Their Importance in Parenting
Session 4: Trust
Session 5: Remembering and Our Children
Session 6: Shame, Self-Blame and Parenting
Session 7: Compassion
Session 8: Anger
Session 9: Grief
Session 10: Self-Image
Session 11: Body Image
Session 12: Relationships With, and Connections To, Others
Session 13: Making Meaning of the Past and the Process of Recovery
Session 14: Moving On

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