It is with great excitement that I’m sharing details of my upcoming course for Birthworkers, and Midwives, in May.

We’ll be looking at what child sexual abuse actually is, the impact of CSA on pregnancy, disclosure, challenges in Labour & Birth, Triggers, Help, Communication as well as a whole host of other issues.

The course is recognised by the NMBI as being worth 14 CEU.  For further details, please get in touch.




Meg Kissack, of That Hummingbird Life  kindly invited me on to her Couragemakers’ Podcast. You can listen to what I had to say here. We spoke about Truth Telling,  #MeToo, parenting and books. It’s over an hour long, so there should be enough there to keep you company on your commute.

Everything changes when you believe you matter


I’m looking forward to speaking at this event next week:

Talk With Beth Kilkenny

While my co-panelists will be talking about raising feminist boys, raising feminist girls, and being body positive, I’ll be talking about (surprise!) child sexual abuse. I’ll be addressing how to talk to your children about CSA, as well as ways children disclose, and what signs to look out for.

If you’ll be in Dublin, please feel free to pop along to the Workman’s Club on Wellington Quay. Tickets (€7 each), are available here.

The following Monday (June 19th), I’ll be back in Trinity College, Dublin talking about Child Sexual Abuse. I’m really excited about this, as the lovely, and hugely talented, Deirdre Sullivan and I will be interviewed by Dr Ailise Bulfin, of NUIM (one of my Alma Maters!).  We’ll be talking about our books and how they address the issue of incest. I’m really excited about it, so if you’ll be around Dublin City Centre that evening, please pop along to the  Long Room Hub (which is easily accessible from both the front and the Nassau Street entrances). The event is open to the public, and free, although booking is advised.

CSA Culture Seminar Flyer (2)