Every year, I have a word that I use to guide me. Rather than a resolution, or a set of them, I choose a word that return to.

This year, my word is ‘enough’.

It’s a reminder to myself for a lot of reasons:

I need to remind myself that I am enough. It’s a reminder I need more often than I’d like.

I need to remember that ‘good enough’ is enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect – ‘it’ being whatever I’m working on.

I’m doing enough. I really am. At the moment, having cut back, I’m working on eight projects. And that’s enough. It’s enough for me, for now.

I also need to learn to get better at respecting my own boundaries and insisting that others respect them, too. I need to learn to get better at putting my hand up and saying ‘Enough’. ‘That’s far enough.’ ‘You’ve done enough.’ ‘You’ve come far enough, and you may not come any further.’

It’s important, too, that I get used to saying ‘I’ve had enough.’ And then acting on that knowledge, sooner rather than later.

What about you? What’s your Word of the Year?

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Hazel Katherine Larkin


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