Kiss It Better

The two sisters in this photograph were born in Developing Nations and they were not born in hospitals. Unlike many babies born under the same conditions, these girls are not at risk of developing tetanus. These children are lucky, their mother was inoculated against the disease long before they were born. I know because these babies are my babies.

Unfortunately, 170 million women around the world are not as lucky and they and their newborn babies are at risk of developing tetanus. This month, Pampers has teamed up with UNICEF in a campaign known as the ‘Virtual Kiss’ campaign to provide vaccinations against tetanus.

Pampers first teamed up with UNICEF to try and eradicate the disease in 2006. Since then, 300 million vaccines have been donated by the company. This year, Mel C – former Spice Girl – is fronting the month-long campaign.

‘I’m on the Pampers Parenting Panel,’ she explains. ‘And I was really excited when they approached me and asked me to work on this new campaign. It’s so simple for people to just log on and send their virtual kisses.’

Even if you don’t have a child in nappies, you can still help. If you click this link Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to UNICEF.

From the comfort of your own home, from in front of your own computer and without it costing you a penny, you can save the life of a newborn baby.

So go on – kiss it better.

Published by

Hazel Katherine Larkin


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